Why don’t you Get A Clue!?!

I am super excited for this radio show! After listening to ds106 radio a couple of times I can’t wait for our show to air and our fellow ds106ers to tell us what they think!

I was able to form an amazing radio show group thanks to twitter and communication! We have a group of six spectacular gals and our show is called Get A Clue! The girls in my group are: Megan Rosengrant, Erin Clark, Tiffany Yowell, July Laszakovits, and Savanna Palmer. I am super excited and thanks to having an amazing group we really got our work done in an efficient manner. I am really pleased :)

We continued to use the GoogleDoc that I created this week so that we could communicate and such, but Tiffany created a GoogleDoc for our script. This was our primary source of communication other than our Twitter DM Group Message (which I didn’t even know was possible). I am really pleased with how well our group communicated.

Since schedules are hard and we all have busy lives, meeting up was hard. Especially because this is an online class. Erin and I were able to meet up on Wednesday night! We met in the Convergence Center and worked on the script.

On Thursday, I played around with Audacity and recorded my portion of the script (my character is Shirley Mayfield). I didn’t have too much trouble with Audacity this time thanks to Erin’s tips and tricks. She was a HUGE help! Sometimes I feel like I am incompatible with technology, but Erin made me feel like I was able to do it! I recorded it and saved it as a WAV file. Once I saved it, I uploaded it to SoundCloud.

We all recorded our own part and Tiffany put the whole thing together! She is awesome! She put all of our audio, commercials, and bumpers in!

I hope that you all “Get A Clue!” and tune in to our radio show! It will be great :)

I am so glad that I worked with the girls that I did! They are awesome and I am super impressed with the creativity and hard work of everyone :)

3 thoughts on “Why don’t you Get A Clue!?!

  1. I like the plan for recording your own parts and sending them to the person who was editing. That probably really helped with the struggle of everyone finding a good time to meet.

  2. I’m glad you had a great experience with this group project! I did as well! I usually feel a little technologically challenged when it comes to this kind of stuff too but after playing around with Audacity, like you did, I finally got the hang of it! I can’t wait to “Get a Clue” and listen to your radio show!

  3. The way you guys put together the show was interesting! Having everyone record their own part of the script! It makes it easier because you do not have to meet, but i could see it also making it harder because everyone’s audi could be different or you would have to separate each recording into individual lines!

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