Shirley is Surely Savvy!

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Apps Galore that was submitted by Nicky Memita.

The assignment is to, “Think of a character–fictional or even historical. What kinds of apps would this character have on their smartphone? Use a design program to create a “fake” smartphone screen for this character. Use real or made-up apps, depending on what would best describe your character.” This assignment is worth 3 points.

I picked this assignment because I thought it would be fun to give my character dossier, Shirley Mayfield, a home screen of her own. Shirley is surely going to be technologically savvy! I thought that it would be fun to compile a list of apps that Shirley Mayfield would use in her everyday life.

I used all real apps and instead of using a design program, I used my own iPad. I rearranged and downloaded the necessary apps for Shirley’s phone. Once I had put all of the apps in order, I took a screenshot of the screen.


In order for Shirley to be able to be in contact with whoever she needs to at any time, it is necessary for her to have the Messages app, FaceTime, and Mail. She also needs the Contacts app so that she can have all of her contacts on her phone. I think that it is also important for Shirley to have Safari on her phone because she could need the internet, you never know when you may have to look something up. Since Shirley is very busy, I included the Videos and Music apps to keep her occupied when she has time in-between meetings and such. I downloaded the Covet app for her because it is a fun fashion game and Shirley is definitely a fashionista. I downloaded the Reminders app and the Remind app because Shirley needs to keep her reminders all in one place. There is also the Calendar app so that she can have all of her events on her phone. She always has so much going on, so it’s important that she keeps it all together. I downloaded Pinterest for her for fun as well because when she is bored or has extra time she can scroll through the app and get ideas for new outfits and such. Obviously she needs the Photos and Camera apps because who doesn’t love taking pictures? It’s so necessary, especially for a fashionista. I downloaded the Maps app for her because everyone needs to know where to go sometimes and sometimes a GPS is super helpful if you don’t know where to go. Obviously there is a clock. The iTunes Store and App Store are on there because they come on the phone, but I think that she would need them in case she wants to download more music and videos or more apps. That’s important! I also downloaded the Weather Channel app because she needs to be aware of the weather so that she can dress appropriately! Newsstand and NBC are critical as well because she needs to be aware of the news especially in her area, but nationally as well. Shirley is always on top of her A-game, so I am sure that these apps will fully equip her for any situation.

I really enjoyed completing this assignment because I love being able to build upon my character and really bring her to life. We use technology so frequently now and being able to give my character her own apps on her phone was really cool.

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