Treat Yo Self- DO IT!

For one of my assignments this week, I decided to do the assignment, Based On 1-Quote-A-Day Project that was submitted by Rimi Morita.

The assignment is to, “Read your quote for a day out loud, and record it! Do not forget to give an appropriate feeling to it. Tone of voice could be a helpful hint for answerers to guess where your quote came from. Mimicking the original tone could be nice enough, but you also can add your own feelings to it as well. :)” The assignment is worth 1.5 points.

I decided to do this assignment because I have an obsession with quotes. I have them throughout my room, in my planner, on my pinterest boards, etc. If you haven’t noticed, at the end of each of my weekly summaries I include a quote. This week I included the quote “Treat Yo Self” because I feel that we all need to do that more often.

If you’re having a bad week, treat yo self! Really just do it sometimes! You are worth it :)

I recorded myself reading the quote on soundcloud and uploaded it.

I loved this assignment! It was supa easy, but I really liked it!

Treat Yo Self! DO IT!


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6 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self- DO IT!

  1. Mariam Khan says:

    yess! This is a quote to live by :D

  2. For some reason I love how you said the quote in your audio haha! Great quote, i’m going to treat myself once I’m done with all of this!

  3. Jada S says:

    This is great! Almost as great as Parks and Recreation :D

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