Shirley is surely pinteresting ;)

For one of my assignments this week, I decided to do the assignment, You’re a Pinteresting Character, that was submitted by Brooke P.

The assignment is to, “Build a Pinterest page of at least 20 pins for a character of your choice. Search for pins that relate to your character and things that he or she would want to pin for themselves. Bonus points if you build a page and have visitors to your blog guess which character you picked!” This assignment is worth 2 points.

I was super excited to do this assignment because I am obsessed with Pinterest. It’s bad! I have SO many pins! I knew I would have fun with this one, so I started by logging onto Pinterest.

I had a TON of fun finding things that I loved! This wasn’t too hard because I am obsessed with a lot!

I created a board on my Pinterest called: Shirley is surely pinteresting ;)

Screenshot 2015-04-04 11.34.06

Here are a few screenshots of my board! You can click on them to get you to the actual Pinterest page!

Screenshot 2015-04-04 11.35.51

Screenshot 2015-04-04 11.35.44

Screenshot 2015-04-04 11.35.36

Screenshot 2015-04-04 11.35.28

Screenshot 2015-04-04 11.35.13

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4 thoughts on “Shirley is surely pinteresting ;)

  1. Brian Christiansen says:

    Had to comment just because of the tagline. And you were right. It was most definitely Pinteresting. Good work!

  2. Margaret Pinualt says:

    I really liked your pins, I can definitely get a feeling about your lifestyle, we would get along great.

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