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Who Called? Veronica, of course!

For one of my assignments this week, Erin Clark and I decided to do the assignment, Who Called? that was submitted by Demi Fulcher.

I collaborated with a fellow ds106er Erin Clark to complete this assignment! Erin and I met when we worked on our radio show together and our characters have a lot in common so it wasn’t hard to collaborate.

The assignment is to, “Record you self making a phone call as if you were a character off of the wire. The phone call has to be to another character from the wire. You can even make it a three way or four way call. You phone call can even be a voicemail as if someone didn’t pick up. Cutomize it as much as you like! The phone call has to be at least 2 minutes.” The assignment is worth 4 points.

Erin and I decided to make our characters friends while planning our radio show. Veronica and Shirley have a lot in common. They share a lot of the same interests. We wanted to keep their friendship going so we decided to collaborate.

Veronica left a message to Shirley first! This is her message:

In response to Veronica’s message, I recorded myself (as Shirley) on Audacity and then saved it as a WAV file. Once I saved it, I uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Here is Shirley’s message to Veronica:

I really liked this assignment because not only was I able to collaborate with a fellow ds106er which was awesome, but I also got to dig even deeper into my character’s life and I am really enjoying building off of Shirley’s life!

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For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Word that was submitted by Rabia Aman.

The assignment is to, “Pick one word. Select one single typeface, and communicate your word. Do not use colors or any other graphical elements. The goal is to select a type face that represents the meaning of the word, and if needed manipulate the font using different sizes, bold, italics, counterform (spacing) etc to visualize the word.” The assignment is worth 2 points.

I picked this assignment because I thought it would be really cool to manipulate a word in a cool way. I wanted to do this assignment and dedicate it to the 6 stars we had to do for our character dossier this week.

When I was thinking of words to do, I was thinking of a lot, but I narrowed it down to one word: Mayfield. I picked Mayfield because not only is Shirley’s last name Mayfield, but it is also the name of their family’s department store. I think that it has a lot of meaning for my character.

I used Microsoft Word to create my word. I used WordArt. I created each letter individually and then rotated them the way that I wanted them.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 7.52.45 PM

I really enjoyed doing this assignment! Manipulating the letters was really fun!

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Shirley is Bringing in the Business

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Create Your Own Business Card that was submitted by Lauren Brumfield.

The assignment is to,” create your own business card to advertise who you are.” The assignment is worth 2 points.

I picked this assignment because I thought it would be fun to give my character dossier, Shirley Mayfield her own business card. I think that it will definitely make her seem more professional since she took over the department store after her father’s death.

I used VistaPrint to create the business card. I wanted something sleek but stylish at the same time. I also wanted to keep things simple because if there is too much going on it’s more difficult to read. I think that I ended up designing a very “clean” business card. It has all of the necessary aspects, but it’s not “too much” in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.58.06 PM


Shirley will definitely be bringing in the business with these sleek business cards ;)

I really enjoyed completing this assignment because I really enjoy bringing Shirley to life! It really makes her seem real. I also liked getting a chance to play around with business cards because that is something that I will probably need in the future.

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Shirley is Surely Savvy!

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Apps Galore that was submitted by Nicky Memita.

The assignment is to, “Think of a character–fictional or even historical. What kinds of apps would this character have on their smartphone? Use a design program to create a “fake” smartphone screen for this character. Use real or made-up apps, depending on what would best describe your character.” This assignment is worth 3 points.

I picked this assignment because I thought it would be fun to give my character dossier, Shirley Mayfield, a home screen of her own. Shirley is surely going to be technologically savvy! I thought that it would be fun to compile a list of apps that Shirley Mayfield would use in her everyday life.

I used all real apps and instead of using a design program, I used my own iPad. I rearranged and downloaded the necessary apps for Shirley’s phone. Once I had put all of the apps in order, I took a screenshot of the screen.


In order for Shirley to be able to be in contact with whoever she needs to at any time, it is necessary for her to have the Messages app, FaceTime, and Mail. She also needs the Contacts app so that she can have all of her contacts on her phone. I think that it is also important for Shirley to have Safari on her phone because she could need the internet, you never know when you may have to look something up. Since Shirley is very busy, I included the Videos and Music apps to keep her occupied when she has time in-between meetings and such. I downloaded the Covet app for her because it is a fun fashion game and Shirley is definitely a fashionista. I downloaded the Reminders app and the Remind app because Shirley needs to keep her reminders all in one place. There is also the Calendar app so that she can have all of her events on her phone. She always has so much going on, so it’s important that she keeps it all together. I downloaded Pinterest for her for fun as well because when she is bored or has extra time she can scroll through the app and get ideas for new outfits and such. Obviously she needs the Photos and Camera apps because who doesn’t love taking pictures? It’s so necessary, especially for a fashionista. I downloaded the Maps app for her because everyone needs to know where to go sometimes and sometimes a GPS is super helpful if you don’t know where to go. Obviously there is a clock. The iTunes Store and App Store are on there because they come on the phone, but I think that she would need them in case she wants to download more music and videos or more apps. That’s important! I also downloaded the Weather Channel app because she needs to be aware of the weather so that she can dress appropriately! Newsstand and NBC are critical as well because she needs to be aware of the news especially in her area, but nationally as well. Shirley is always on top of her A-game, so I am sure that these apps will fully equip her for any situation.

I really enjoyed completing this assignment because I love being able to build upon my character and really bring her to life. We use technology so frequently now and being able to give my character her own apps on her phone was really cool.

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What’s in Shirley Mayfield’s Bag?

This week, we were required to complete the “What’s in your bag” assignment that was submitted by Jim Groom. We are supposed to do this assignment for our character dossier.

The assignment: “What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.” This assignment is worth 3 points.

I sat down and thought about what Shirley Mayfield may have in her bag. I figured that she would have a lot because she likes to always be prepared.



I gathered all of the items and set them up so that I could see them all laid out.

Shirley Mayfield’s bag would have…

  • A planner so that she is always prepared for events and important dates!
  • Black gloves for driving or for cold weather. You can’t have cold hands!
  • An aqua scarf so that she can accessorize on a whim if need be. Aqua is her favorite color and always brings out her beautiful eye color.
  • Perfume in case she needs an extra spritz throughout the day.
  • A round brush in case her hair needs to be fixed throughout the day. You can’t have messy hair!
  • Sunglasses to block out the sun of course!
  • Multiple lipsticks in case she wants to switch it up or needs a touch up throughout the day.
  • A wallet because you can’t go anywhere without that!
  • Keys because they are essential.

Shirley always makes sure that she is prepared. Having the essentials is crucial for Shirley to have a good day!

I enjoyed doing this assignment because it made me think more complexly on how Shirley would go about her everyday life. I think that is fun giving my character more dimensions!

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Colorize It: Shirley Mayfield Edition

For one of my week three assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Colorize It that was submitted by Kendall Simonpietri. I decided to Colorize my character Shirley Mayfield.

The assignment is to “Recolor a black and white photo using Gimp or another photo editing software to show how you imagine the photo looked during the time it was taken or how you think it should look in color.” The assignment is worth 3 points.

I could’t download Gimp on my computer, but I did find a website that lets you edit color. I used the website to colorize my character Shirley Mayfield.


I decided to give her red lips because Shirley Mayfield never leaves the house without looking her best! She is always dressed to impress with her curly blonde hair. I decided to make her dress aqua because it is her favorite color and it really brings out her beautiful eye color. I had fun with this assignment! I liked being able to picture Shirley in a more lively form.

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Happily Never After?

The assignment is to write an alternate ending to a novel, movie, short story, poem, etc. What else can I say but make it damn good! This assignment is work three points.

I decided to make an alternate ending to  “The Shadow” which is a script for The Death Triangle episode starring Orson Welles. This script was written in December of 1937. I like how the script gives very vivid descriptions on what is happening, what is being heard, etc. These very vivd descriptions are incorporated into the script and give the reader a sense of what it is like to be there. I found it very creepy how The Shadow was dictating Dr. Evans. The Shadow was used in multiple ways. The Shadow was a character in the episode, but The Shadow is also a figurative way of denoting something is there. In a way (though it’s a different form) it’s kind of like a hostage situation. I found it very creepy how at the end the script stated that “the shadow knows…”. Creepy! The plot/story line was all over the place and it seemed to be very twisted, like the other story I read.


This excerpt is from the script The Death Triangle from “The Shadow”

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.11.26 PM

I begin my alternate ending after this excerpt.

Manservant: He doesn’t appear to be, I haven’t seen him in a few.

Margot: Oh, that’s incredibly odd.

Manservant: I’d say the same

Margot: Well, I guess I’ll go looking for him.

*As Margot exits the home, she sees his car leave the driveway, headed north at a high speed*

*Margot needs to catch up, so she jumps in a car that she found on the street. The keys were conveniently inside and she is scared because her neighbor is the owner and they aren’t on good terms*

Margot comes in contact with THE SHADOW.

She gets super scared.

THE SHADOW overtakes Margot and holds her hostage.

The Shadow: If Dr. Evans comes to save you I will kill you both.

Margot: No, please. Just kill me.

The Shadow: I will kill both of you and then everyone else who comes in contact with me.

Margot: No, take me and call it quits.

The Shadow: Not going to happen, but wishful thinking.

*Dubrille and Corvet go out on a search for Margot and Dr. Evans who are nowhere to be found*

Dubrille: Where do you think we will find them?

Corvet: I haven’t a clue. Let’s check the house.

Dubrille: I doubt they are there.

Corvet: If we can find one of them there is hope in finding the other.

Dubrille: Let’s start there.

*Dubrille and Corvet go to the house and nobody is in sight, not even the servant*

*THE SHADOW kills both of them*

*Margot is freaking out, THE SHADOW continues to threaten her*

*THE SHADOW kills Dr. Evans and then makes Margot live with him forever*


I wanted to change the ending and give it a similar, but different twist because that is how I felt about the reading as a whole. I felt that it was very twisted. I decided to have THE SHADOW kill Corvet, Dubrille, and Dr. Evans making it a Death Triangle, but in a different way. Three people are killed and they whole ending is sketchy, but The Shadow lives on. The mysterious shadow lives on.

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Shirley Mayfield’s Future Life

For one of my week two assignments, I decided to do the Tell Us About Your Future Life assignment that was submitted by Alison Thoet. I decided to do this assignment for the assignment that had to deal with our character dossier. I remixed this assignment to make it about Shirley Mayfield’s life instead of my own.

The assignment is to “write out the history of your future life as if you were featured in a textbook. Make it about college life and what you want to pursue afterward!” I decided to remix it and make it about Shirley Mayfield’s future life and what she wants to pursue after finding the perfect man for her. This assignment is worth three points.

Here is Shirley Mayfield’s future life in textbook form.

Shirley Mayfield found the perfect husband and about a year after getting married, she got pregnant. When Shirley and Richard got married, everything fell into place. He was treating her like a princess and they were the perfect couple. Shirley had worked at her family business up until she got pregnant. Once she got pregnant, her husband decided it was time for her to focus on getting ready to be a mom and then after that she could be a stay at home mom. Richard got another job so that Shirley would be able to stay at home. After loving parenthood, they decided to have more children. After having four beautiful children to take care of, Shirley and Richard lived happily ever after. Their kids were growing like weeds and Richard and Shirley stayed busy all the time. They were able to live a lovely life. Richard eventually retired and they bought a vacation home big enough to hold their whole family.


I wanted to give Shirley a happy ending because her childhood had some very rough spots. I went with a story like her own because that is how she aspired to live her life.

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10 Seconds of Thankfulness

For one of my week two assignments, I chose to do the assignment, 1o Seconds of Thanks that was submitted by Ben Rimes.

The assignment is to “1. Using a timer, write what you’re thankful for in just 10 seconds! Anything and everything that you can think of being thankful for is fair game, but stop at 10 seconds.
2. Share what you’ve written on a blog, wiki, or some other digital space that others can comment on.” This assignment is worth 2.5 points.

I got out a post-it note because I knew since I only had 10 seconds I would not be able to fit that much. I set the timer for 10 seconds and started writing. When the timer went off I was like dang that was fast! It goes by a lot quicker than you think. I wasn’t able to get too much on the post-it note, but it made me realize that I have SO much to be thankful for and a lot of times I forget how much I actually have to be thankful for.



I am very thankful for family. They are ALWAYS there for me and they continue to support me everyday. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I am so thankful for all of the friendships that I have, I don’t know what I would do without my friends.

I am so thankful to have a home. A place to call home. A roof over my head. Food and water. Essentials that some people can’t have. I’m also lucky to have such a nice place to live at school. I am truly blessed.

I am also incredibly lucky to have three amazing part-time jobs. I am lucky to have such amazing co-workers and an amazing family to nanny for.

I am also SO thankful for life. I love the life I am living. There are ups and downs but I am so thankful to be here and be living an awesome life. I am working towards doing what I have always dreamed about. I am working towards becoming an elementary school teacher so I can spread my passion for learning with others. There are SO many things that I am thankful for!

I really enjoyed doing this assignment because it made me aware of how much I have to be thankful for. I need reminders sometimes. I also like how I did it on a post-it note, so I am able to put it in my planner to serve as a daily reminder. I need to remember how blessed I truly am even though life isn’t perfect, there is always something to be thankful for.


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Never Give Up!

For one of my week two assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Sharing a Book that was submitted by Ana Muñoz de Rivera Blasco.

The assignment is to “Share a free book in internet that you have wrote. That’s sharing knowledge too, specially if it has some historical research as this one has.” This assignment is worth 2.5 points.

I am in the Elementary Education program at the University of Mary Washington. Last semester, I was assigned to write a children’s book. I am a pretty creative person, however I can’t draw at all, so when this children’s book was assigned I freaked out a little bit. I kept thinking throughout the semester about what I would do. I would come up with ideas, but none of them were “aha” moments for me. I wanted to write about something that had meaning to me. I had a really rough semester. I spent the semester back and forth to Lynchburg every weekend with my family because my uncle was near the end of his life. A week before he passed away, he told me something that I will never forget and I finally had my “aha” moment with my children’s book. As a child, I had a really hard time believing in myself. I am lucky enough to have an extremely close family and growing up, being the second youngest out of five cousins on my dad’s side, I found it harder to believe in myself because my cousins were big role models who I felt, set the bar high. I always had my aunts and uncles believing in me. I lost my aunt to cancer when I was 14 years old and it was devastating. We were extremely close and I have always wished she could still be here with me to see all of my accomplishments. A week before my uncle passed away I was telling him goodnight one night and he grabbed my hands and put mine between is and he said I want to tell you something. (In my mind, I am thinking whatever you’re about to say is going to make me cry) He said something that brought me to absolute tears and then he said another thing that I will never forget. He told me he wants me to stay in school and keep making him proud. He told me to continue to follow my dreams and I will always make him proud no matter what. He said he was sorry he would never be able to see me graduate which really breaks my heart. When he said that, I realized that I do believe in myself. I am absolutely devastated that I lost my uncle, but I know that they will always be with me. I chose to write a story called Never Give Up. In the story, the little girl’s name is Blair and she is Miss White’s student. In the book, both Blair and Miss White are me. Blair is me (Stephanie Blair White) as a child because I had a hard time believing in myself, but I had people telling me I can do anything I put my mind to. Also, Miss White is me because I will continue to follow my dreams and become a teacher and be able to tell students I believe in them and I believe that they can do anything they put their minds to. I hope that this will impact some people because I needed those people in my life telling me I could do it. I kind of went with my own style of both writing and illustrating, but I did get some ideas from Lauren Child, illustrator of the Charlie and Lola series because she uses multiple media forms. I included something three-dimensional. I used eyeballs on the characters. I used tissue paper for the background. I used it for the grass and the track. I used stamps on every single page. I also used the same stamps on each page, the butterfly and the fish, which represent to me that my aunt and uncle are always there for me. It is just a reminder. I also used stickers and scrapbook paper throughout the book. I used various colors to give the book a “pop”. I put the writing in rainbow order. I also used different fonts of my own for typology that stands out. I also switched up the placement of the typology throughout the book. I present to you…Never Give Up! , an original story by me!

























I also uploaded my book to my flickr page

I hope you enjoyed!


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