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Think Film

This week, we could pick between three films to watch. I chose to watch the Coen Brother’s The Big Lebowski (1997). I decided to watch The Big Lebowski because I have heard about it being good, but I have never watched it. To be completely honest, I really did not like the movie. The plot line to me was pointless. I can see why they did some things in the movie, but overall it had no point. I didn’t really enjoy it at all. Everyone claims it’s so hilarious and definitely a movie to watch, but I was disappointed. In terms of noir, there are definitely elements of noir embedded into the film. I think that a lot of the art that was in the movie whether it was throughout the setting or Lebowski’s daughters art, it had some elements of noir in it. I also think that there were elements of noir in the way the movie was filmed and in some aspects of lighting. The lighting changes several times throughout the movie and at night in particular, there are definite elements of noir. I think that Lebowski’s daughter is definitely the “femme fatale” of the film. There are evident elements of noir in this film, so even though I didn’t necessarily like the movie, I was able to see elements of noir in it.


The Vignelli Canon

This week, we were assigned to read The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. It is a design resource that was created by a graphic designer, Massimo Vignelli. I really like how Vignelli encompasses the elements of design and points out important facets of design and how things are portrayed or perceived by a viewer. Anyone can look at something, but two people may not see the same thing even though they are looking at the same thing. Vignelli talks about a lot of key design points. I guess I never really even realized how important grids are until I read The Vignelli Canon. Vignelli talks about the importance of paper size and grids, two things I never would have thought would be a big deal, but when it comes to design, they are. Those two elements (paper size and grids) can completely change something. Typography comes into play along with these two elements. In one of my education classes, we talked a lot about the importance of typography and now that is something that I usually pay attention to. It amazes me how much it matters and how much it can change something.  I really liked how Vignelli talked about the importance of the layout of something. Vignelli got me thinking about how many elements go into design and how important each and every one are in order to design something. Design is a process. All of the components come together in order to design something. Creativity is definitely a VERY important aspect of design and I can’t wait to get creative in my own design work!


My Brain is Drained

This week, we were assigned to brainstorm ideas for group radio shows happening in the future. Well I hate to say it, but my brain is pretty much drained this week. I have been super sick and I am just now starting to be able to function a bit.

1) I think that it would be really cool to do something including our characters because I think that everyone has really gotten into their characters and people have some really good ideas! I think it would be cool to make our characters continue to come to life and integrate their lives into ours somehow in the radio show.

2) I also think it would be cool (just an idea) to give tips on how to do something that you may have learned yourself or from someone else that can benefit someone else. Maybe after explaining the tip, you can show something that you produced and give a tag to it so that people can have the chance to “Try It”. It won’t be a requirement, but people can “Try It” and then we can go to the tag to see what people gave it a shot and how their work turned out.

3) I am super obsessed with Pinterest! I am ALWAYS finding new ideas, creations, recipes, outfits, etc. on Pinterest. You can create group Pinterest boards where multiple people can pin and one person can be the admin. I think it would be really cool to create a Pinterest board for Noir106/DS106 where we can all (or whoever wants to) pin pins. It could be a “hot topic” for the radio show and maybe we could talk about a few pins that really stood out that particular week or in general.

These are all just ideas from my drained brain! Hopefully this week it will start functioning normally (HA) again!