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The Daily Create: Make some tree art!

The daily create assignment for today, 3-26-2015 was to make some tree art.

Palm trees are my favorite, so I decided to make some (palm) tree art using patterns!

(Palm) tree art!

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The Daily Create: Your Own Words of Wisdom Inspirational Poster

The daily create assignment for today, 3-25-15 was to make an inspirational poster. The twist: the words of wisdom on it have to be something that *you* have said.

I decided to make my inspirational poster about a person who inspires me and a quote I say!

Your own words of wisdom inspirational poster


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The Daily Create: Breakfast Selfie

The daily create assignment for today, 3-23-2015 was to take a breakfast selfie.

Here is my breakfast selfie…

Breakfast selfie

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The Daily Create: Artsy Blur Photo

The daily create assignment for 3-19-2105 was to take a photograph with an artistic blur.

Artsy Blur Photo

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The Daily Create: Create a lesson

The Daily Create assignment for today was to create a lesson and upload it to flickr.

I made hard-boiled eggs for dinner and my roommates and I all seem to forget how to boil eggs properly every time we go to do it, so I created a lesson for us!

Create a lesson! How to hard-boil eggs

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The Daily Create: Favorite moment in the past week…

The Daily Create Assignment for Wednesday 3-11-2015 was to reflect on your favorite moment in the past week and make an abstract sketch to illustrate it.

My favorite moment in the past week was when my co-workers and I went to dinner after work during my spring break. It was great being able to catch up with them because I really miss spending time with them when I am at school.

As you can probably tell, I am not very good at drawing, but I can do stick figures! haha! Here is my attempt:

My favorite moment in the past week: catching up with my co-workers at dinner


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The Daily Create: My different sides

The Daily Create Assignment for Tuesday 3-10-2015 was to show different sides of yourself and put them into a photo collage.

I used pic stitch to put two photos together. I used a picture of my front side and one of my back side so I think I took the assignment literally, but I have enjoyed seeing fellow ds106ers creations!

My different sides

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The Daily Create: A unique #heelconcept

The Daily Create Assignment for Saturday 2-28-2015 was to take a photo of a unique #Heelconcept  by elevating your foot on an everyday object as a heel.

I used the slate in front of the fireplace at the condo at Wintergreen to elevate my heel!


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The Daily Create: Are you up for some emojiination?

The Daily Create Assignment for Wednesday 2-25-2015 was to Select 5 emojis and use them as a prompt for a unique story. Screenshot your emojis and add link to your story below. If you are on Twitter then you can emojinate in one click!

I used the emojinate website to create an emoji story. The website randomly selected emojis for me and they were perfect.

My story: If it snows (again) on humpday I will be heartbroken.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.23.45 PM

The Daily Create: Play with your food!

Today’s daily create assignment was to make jewelry with real food. I love pretzels, so I decided to make a pretzel necklace. My lovely roommate modeled it for me!

Play with your food!

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